Michael Moorcock & the Deep Fix:Candy Floss Cowboy

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“Candy Floss Cowboy”
Artist: Michael Moorcock & the Deep Fix
Albums: The New Worlds Fair (1975)

Candy Floss Cowboy, what's wrong with you?
You are brutal and scared
You'll destroy all the things which bewilder you
The bells of your town ring out for you
You ain't got your share
So you're on the way to the fair
To find something there
To meet someone
To have some fun

The fairground's all dark and dead
A light flickers on, and goes off again
An engine begins to hum
You wait for the thrum
Which will bring you to life for an hour or two

Oh Dude, Dude
I can hear you crying out from inside (from inside from inside)
I can hear you crying