Mannheim Steamroller:The 7 Chakras Of The Body - Chakra 5

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“The 7 Chakras Of The Body - Chakra 5”
Artist: Mannheim Steamroller
Albums: Fresh Aire 7 (1990)
Composers: Chip Davis
Lyricists: Geoffrey Chaucer

Balade de Bon Conseyl:

Flee fro the prees, and dwell in sothfastness
Suffyce unto thy good, tho it be smal;
For hord hath hate, and climbing tikelnesse,
Prees hath enviye, and wele blent overal;
Sovour no more than thee bihove shal;
Reule wel thyself, that other folk canst rede;
And trouthe thee shal delivere, it is no drede.

Tempest thee noght al croked to redresse,
In trust of hir that turneth as a bal:
Gret reste stant in litel besinesse;
Be war also to sporne ayeyns an al;
Stryve not, as doth the crokke with the wal.
Daunte thyself, that duantest otheres dede;
And trouthe thee shal deliver, it is no drede.

That thee is sent, receyve in buxumnesse,
The wrasttling for this world axeth a fal.
Her is non hoom, her nis but wilderness:
Forth, pilgrim, forth! Forth, beste, out of thy stal!
Know thy contree, look up, thank God of Al;
Hold the heye wey, and lat thy gost thee lede;
And trouthe thee shal delivere, it is no drede.


Therefore, thou Vache, leve thyn old wrecchednesse
Unto the world; leve now to be thral;
Crye hime mercy, that of his hy goodnesse

Made thee of noght, and in especial
Draw unto him, and pray in general
For thee, and eek for other, hevenlich mede;
And trouthe thee shal delivere, it is no drede.