Madness:Land of Hope and Glory

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“Land of Hope and Glory”
Artist: Madness
Albums: One Step Beyond... (1979)
Composers: Lee Thompson

Urrrrh, what's the time?
I was trying to get some sleep

Attention, rrraaah
Bridges, Sharkey, Nutley, Jackson, Thompson, Master

Well, as you can see, we've got a new recruit
To this land of hope and glory
Hands behind backs and legs apart
And tell us all your unfortunate a-story

Who me sir?
Yes, you ssssir!

I was an innocent man 'till someone grassed me of a plan
Of earning some big a-money
I hadn't mouthed it about, I am sure without doubt
I'd have missed this land of hope and glory

Well, you poor poor sod, here you're up sharp at 6:30
A cold shower, down to breakfast, can't have you looking dirty
I suggest you eat what's given you, even if it doesn't agree with you
Because it's all you'll be gettin' up until 12:30!

In between this time you stay up in your room
And you can dream of life good things

Two years of my teenage life given to this stand to attention life
Of land of hope and glory
I'm gettin' so bored as time goes by, I think I'll do something dirty
I'll pick at the floor for juicy butts and I'll make myself a smoke

A bog roll and envelope stick it
All this helps to pass my time

As the evening drags on you can watch a little telly
Hot Gossip pans people with a little bit of belly
Porridge served cold with the heat of yesterday's
Don't complain, learn the game and I'll get through another day

I watch second hand on the clock at long last it's 9:30
Off to bed straight to sleep as I leave this land of hope and glory
But only for a few seconds I'm in an ecstasy
Before the bell rings to let me know "sharp at 6:30!"

A the, a two, a six, a ta

Quiet, come on you lot, come on, lights out