Ludwig Von 88:Vanessa und Florent

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Vanessa und Florent
Artist: Ludwig Von 88
Album: Houlala 3 L'Heureux Tour

Let me take your hand
Let me hold your head
Close against my breast
Close against my hairy chest
Let the people know
Spread our love on prime-time shows
And when the spotlights fade
Let us be one in the shade

Let us meet the light
Let us feel the heat
Let our hearts unite
On color TV screenes
See my muscles bend
Hear my lits go wild
Take me by the hand
And you will be my guide

Let me blow your fuse
Let me suck your holes
Let me blow your head
On late nightshows we'll fuck like hell
?que je t'aime ?que je t'aime
?que je t'aime ?la folie
?que je t'aime ?erdument
?que je t'aime ?l'agonie