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“Stand Out”
Artist: Love
Albums: Out Here (1969)

I'm supposed to love you
But I don't know why
'Cause you don't want to have nothing to with me no
You hurt my feelings
And you make me cry
And it's the kind of thing that gets next to me yeah
Stand out
I think you oughta stand out
And let me see whatever you are

Now you say your mother taught you to tell
Right from wrong
But this should tell you the dividing line between the weak and the strong
If you're going around blaming people
'Bout their colour or their size
All I can tell you people is that you're in for a big surprise yeah
Stand out
I think you oughta stand out
So I can see whatever you are

Stand out
Stand out

Now you're supposed to love me
And if you don't know why
Well I'm your ticket to get to heaven with
And that ain't no lie
I see a man lying on his deathbed
All filled up with hate
You better put some love in his life
Come on I said the hour is getting late
Stand out
I think you oughta stand out
Let 'em see whatever you are
What you got
All right