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Kottonmouth Kings from Placentia, California are a hip hop music|hip hop, rapcore, and self proclaimed Rip Hop group who have worked towards the legalization of the plant cannabis.

The band formed in 1994, taking member Daddy X from Humble Gods. Their track "Suburban Life" was on the Scream 2 soundtrack and was a breakthrough hit for the band. The Kings saw a some more mainstream light from the release of High Society (2000), Hidden Stash II (2001), and definitely their best put together album, Rollin' Stoned (2002).

However, after Rollin' Stoned, the Kings were no longer part of Capitol Records. They decided to go independent, and as a result their music went down the drain most likely due to the fact that they no longer had anyone to judge their work except themselves. The Kottonmouth Kings are now mostly ignored by mainstream media.

The Kings now own and run their own record label, Suburban Noize Records, which has signed twenty-six artists. The group also runs a clothing brand called "SRH". All of the Kings also perform in a group called the SubNoize Souljaz with other Suburban Noize Records artists. D-Loc and Johnny Richter have also worked on a side project as a duo by the name of Kingspade.



  • Dustin "D-Loc" Miller -- Rapper
  • Johnny Richter -- Rapper
  • Brad "Daddy X" Xavier -- Rapper and Producer
  • DJ Bobby B -- DJ
  • Lou Dog -- Drummer and percussionist
  • Pakelika -- "The Visual Assassin"
  • The Taxman

Former members

  • Rob Harris -- DJ
  • Saint Dog -- rapper

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