Josh Martinez:Abstract Art

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“Abstract Art”
Artist: Josh Martinez
Albums: Family Matters ()

I can't count how many times I've been the last one laughing
But the joke is on me cos see I keep crashing
My life is changing really weird beeing here and there on airplane flights
and fighting long distance late nights
Doing double duty to a girl I'd love to live for
thinking forever lasted a lot less long than I had planned on
Immortal is love, life isn't just a nice portal we go leaping through
I dig through dumpsters and rifle through the scraps
my spirit is starving, I am sad

I just wanted to walk my thoughts off and drink a cup of coffee
it seems like I can't sleep anyway
What am I doing here?
My intentions spans a mans attention
they pay me no mind for I'm the mother of invention
They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
but I'm sure my intentions weren't pure
in fact they acted so brazen
That's what forced me to leave this safe haven
And now I'm out in the storm having cut off my escape routes
Slid through slow mud in a makeshift rainsuit
I was soaking wet and dragged myself up from the buttom
I was shocked by cupids rock, I chased him down until I caught him
Grabbed the gimpy infant diaper rash he used to quiver quickly
to load love and unload until I started to feel sickly
I was head over high heels in love with my wheels in my girlie
The road came calling but she left early,
now I'm falling into early thought
I can't stop thinking I just hope I don't get caught

So I broke it off, because I break everything
Fall out of love is an abstract art
I know I don't support your dreams
But I don't mean to be so selfish
I'm just overwhelmed by currents of assurance
still I'm helpless and hoping
someone else will help this coping
to be open is an art form, I'm feeling closed in
mostly a part from where we came from is part of whos to blame
there really nothing nobody can do to ease this pain
I'm feeling freezed in rain drops spread across the roof tops
I'm hiding undercover until the truth stops leaking
With loose lips peaking, gossip starts speaking in toungues
There's not a decent soul among them young ones
Who just gathered in rapture to pay hommage
To the capture of the master
Lovers on display

We made ship to shore communication
You are my first true love but I've lost patience
With the endless way we let inpendence way of tendency
To say I need more space, so please go away
Later on the change is on the other side, let it slide
Better be hiding the good vibe that I am feeling
When not stealing light from your likeness but
Like it or not, you let the first shot go
And invited the first thoughts of might we be so tired
As to be beyond the first aid our state required

You can't bandage neglected efforts or put band aids on baskets
No longer filled with love and now employed as caskets
Yes the love is dead, no the love remains
Nothing sings the soul as much of what the whole contains
When dumped down on this ground below
Spread slow at first then emerced the town in it's undertow
We can't grow in salt water cried the pretty girls
Neither can the flowers bloom
When you in tune your rose pedals in contract with those have settled in their ways
They layed down their arms and gave up thier glory days
Shortly before I walk out this door
I take one last look back because I am not sure
I've been a B minus boyfriend whos character was doubted
Who in every fight we had raised my voice and shouted
Better when I didn't have to say a single thing at all
But if I strive to keep my silence it will be a lonely fall
But if I speak up now and raise my voice above the crowd noise
She'll only hear me hollering, she won't feel my footsteps
that follow in the shoes that breakdance and exude balance
See a real amazing girl with an endless list of talents
That's why I'm challenging myself to grow up and spread out
If it's meant to be it's meant to be gently
Left alone to work itself out...