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“Velvet Green”
Artist: Jethro Tull
Albums: Songs from the Wood (1977),

20 Years of Jethro Tull (1988)

Walking on Velvet Green
Scotch pine growing
Isn't it rare to be taking the air?
Walking on Velvet Green

Walking on Velvet Green
Distant cows lowing
Never a care
With your legs in the air
Walking on Velvet Green

Won't you have my company
Yes, take it in your hands
Go down on Velvet Green with a country man
Who's a young girl's fancy and an old maid's dream
Tell your mother that you walked all night on Velvet Green

One dusky half-hour's ride up to the north
There lies your reputation and all that you're worth
Where the scent of wild roses turns the milk to cream
Tell your mother that you walked all night on Velvet Green

And the long grass blows in the evening cool
And August's rare delights may be April's fool
But think not of that my love
I'm tight against the seam
And I'm growing up to meet you down on Velvet Green

Now let me tell you that it's love and not just lust
And if we live the lie let's lie in trust
On golden daffodils to catch the silver stream
That washes out the wild oat seed on Velvet Green

We'll dream as lovers under the stars
But civilization's raging afar
And the ragged dawn breaks on your battle scars
As you walk home cold and alone upon Velvet Green

(Repeat first two verses)