Isis:Hand of the Host

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“Hand of the Host”
Artist: Isis
Albums: Wavering Radiant (2009)
Lyricists: Aaron Turner

It is here
That vice indulged
Bleeds the living of their trust

And now the chosen children play
Never to lay rest

Hand of the host
Extended out
From his fingers
Dangles scented flesh

Bodies often spun from infant minds
Perfect in their empty conception

To be devoured by my lustful heart
I am commanded
"Do as thou wilt"

Through the halls, I am led
Following, I am led

"Writhe and gnaw each other's flesh"

He lies uncovered
This ancient man
Of bristle and bone
Hoary and unwashed
His lonely soul
Fills the room

Our reverie lays broken
Broken on the floor
Cast him out into the throngs
Out into unholy laughter