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Artist Naming Standard


Example: Queen

There's a small possibility for collisions when multiple artists use the same name. Initial discussion led to giving 'base' name preference to the first formed band, and then using locale tags or some other unique identifier for subsequent bands of the same name. e.g. Duplicate Band [UK] for a newer band with the same name, from the United Kingdom.

Album Naming Standard

Artist:Album (Year)

Example: Queen:Greatest Hits (1981)

Song Naming Standard


Example: Queen:Bicycle Race

A song should be listed as it's listed on the album tracklist. So, if the tracklist on the album says "(Instrumental)" after the track's name, that's how it should be listed here.


When capitalizing song titles, album titles, or artist names, the appropriate grammatical rules for the language the text is written in should be applied, unless it can be shown that that the artist wishes the capitalization to be grammatically incorrect (these are very rare cases, use common sense and do not abuse this).

In the case where a title or name has been printed using different variations of capitalization, whether on a single release or across multiple releases and is therefore not consistently applied, then the appropriate grammatical rules of the language in question should be applied regardless of what has been printed.

For complete guides on proper capitalization for different languages (including English) take a look a the MusicBrainz Capitalization guides

Instrumental Songs

Instrumental songs do get their own pages. Instrumental song pages should look like a normal song page, except that inside the lyrics tags it should say


The reason for these pages is for the various levels of specificity on Lyriki. Even instrumentals can have additional information that applies to only that song. Mayhaps we'd also be able to post tablature or various trivia related to the song.