Fun Boy Three:Well Fancy That!

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“Well Fancy That!”
Artist: Fun Boy Three
Albums: Waiting (1983)
Composers: Fun Boy Three

You took me to France on the promise of teaching me French
We were told to assemble to meets-up
At then I was twelve and naive, you planned up our route
I sat in your car, my suitcase in the boot
On the M1 and the A1 until we reached Dover
Through passport control you pulled your car over
On the liner, we stood on the deck
We left port, my first time abroad

A school trip to Fance
Well, fancy that
A weekend away to parle Francais
Well, fancy that

We found a hotel, checked in to our room and unpacked
It had been a long day, you said, "let's hit the sack"
As I changed I could feel your eyes watching me
I crept into bed, you pretended to read
The lights went out, I fell asleep, woke up with a shock
And your hands on me, I couldn't shout, I couldn't scream
Let me out, let me dream, I turned on to my side
I laid there and cried

On my first night in France
Well, fancy that
You terrified me, I just wanted to sleep
Well, fancy that

Morning came, light shined through
I left France right, I arrived home
The hedge that you drag me through led to a nervous breakdown
If I could have read what was going on inside your head
I would have said that I was blind to your devious mind
There's no excuse, but your abuse, and the scars that it leaves
When do you drive the line

On school trips to France
Well, fancy that
You had a good time to incest and to crime
Well, fancy that