Epoxies:My New World

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“My New World”
Artist: Epoxies
Albums: My New World (2007)
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I don't understand why everone's so upset
About the way things are.
I was born here and I love it here
And it seems to me we did ourselves a favor.
Old people won't shut up about the Golden Age.
I have heard about your Golden Age
And your generation's whiny nostalgia
Makes me tune right out.

Blah blah, I miss the stars,
I've heard they looked like pin-pricks
In a sheet of tin-foil hung in the window
Of a dark room. Big deal!
They say the sunsets never used to look like this,
All blues and greens,
They're beautiful.
Admit it! They're beautiful.

It was never an apocalypse,
It was our rebirth, our brave new world
And World War X gave us chips in the head
Which gave us an edge on the walking dead.
I'm not afraid of the living dead,
All you gotta do is shoot 'em in the head.
They fall right down and let's admit:
They were the walking dead a long time ago.

It was there! The writing on the wall.
It's funny how you never talk about that at all.
But anything could see from a thousand miles away
Exactly where we'd be today.
With your peak oil production, your genetic disasters,
Your ?alien? mutations growing faster and faster,
Your super-colliders ripping holes in space,
Your virtual worlds that deny time and place.

I'm glad we're here, this is my home.
Whoever would destroy it deserves to be gone.
It's a beautiful place full of new possibilities.
You can't destroy the claims of new realities.