Epoxies:At the Seams

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“At the Seams”
Artist: Epoxies
Albums: Stop the Future (2005)
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I am having erratic dreams
Comin' apart at the seams
I gotta get away
If I don't get away I'm gonna break it all
everyone is tryin' to tear me apart
I'm going straight from the end
Back to the start
It doesn't matter where I'm running
Always running into a wall

Oh, no! (x5)

Don't talk
And pretend not to hear
I'm always living a lie
I'm always living in fear
That someday they're gonna figure out I'm not one of them at all
I ain't dizzy like rats in a cage
I'm gonna write them all down and then tear up the page

Oh, no! (x5)
Oh, yeah! (x5)