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Artist: Eminem
Album: Curtain Call - The Hits

[Chorus: Eminem - harmonizing] + {Eminem with an Eric Cartman-esque voice}
Owww, owww, OWWWWWW {OW! GAWD DAMN!}
I'm, gonna fack-,-ing cum {OHH SHIT!}
Fack, fack, FAAAACK {FACK, I AM!}
I am, I'm going, to cum {I'M CUMING! .. OH, YES!}

[Verse One]
I never seen no chick like this
This bitch can twist like a damn contortionist
Condom on my dick, of course it is
This bitch don't know what abortion is
So I can't cum in her, fucks like a porn star
Looks like Jenna, fack I'm gonna
cum I think my rubber's comin off
But oh it's so fucking wet and soft
Fack, I'm gonna start lettin off
I'm squirting and she's not gettin off {*Em's voice keeps getting higher*}
And she's on top, I'm gonna facking
Oh God, oh don't do that
Don't stop! Stop don't, I don't mean don't stop
Ow wait a minute, ow ow, fack
I'm gonna facking cum!


[Verse Two]
Ooh wow, boom that pow
Oooh ow, I need a cigarette now!
Ow I'm so facking hot
And you're so facking hot
Oh my God, I wanna facking fack
No not FUCK, I said FACK
F-A-C-K, F-A-C-K
Fack, fack fack, facking FREAK ME!
Ooh yeah girl see
baby they call me Mr. Freaky
Let's call yo' sister three-way
Have some threesome, me so haw-ny
And you're such a facking babe
I wanna go down on you - FACK YOU SHAVED! {*Em's voice goes up again*}
Oh God damn, here I go again
I'm gonna cum, I am!!


[Verse Three]
Mamamamaaahh, ahahahahahammmmmm
Mamamamaaahh, ahahahahahammmmmm
Mamamamaaahh, ahahahahahammmmmm
Mamamamaaahh, a-be-be-be-bwa-bwa-bwa
Okay I'm done, I already came twice
You ain't gonna make me cum
I'm all out of gas, not so fast
AH, your finger just went in my ass!
OW THAT HURTS, take it out now
Ohh, wait a minute, oww
Put it back in, in in in
This don't mean I'm gay, I don't like men
I like boobs, boobs, boobs
Now see that gerbil, grab that tube
Shove it up my butt, let that lil' rascal
nibble on my asshole, uhh, yeah
Right there, right there {*Em's voice goes up*}
Ohh, I'm cuming, OHH YEAH
Fack, I just came again
Okay pull it out now, errrr!
Oh fack yeah, wait he's not out
He's still crawlin around up there
Oh fack, I think it's stuck


[Outro: Eminem singing]
Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube
Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube!
Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube
Shove a gerbil in your ass through a tube!
Eww, eww, eww eww {*music fades*}