Dr. Dre:The Car Bomb

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The Car Bomb
Artist: Dr. Dre
Album: 2001

And now, The Car Bomb...

Guy: Yo ? Come on man, lets get the fuck out of here man
Girl: I'm coming baby, I'm ?, I'm coming down
Guy: Took a mother fucking hour to get dressed. I told you that I was going to be over this mother fuck. I want to be in and out, you know? I don't fuck around
Girl: Hey baby, I'm looking good right? I'm looking good.
Guy: I'm saying, fuck that, you know? I'm trying to get the mother fuck out of here.
Girl: Hold on, all right, I'm coming, damn.
Guy: Yo, shit, yo, yo, hold it, hold it. What's up with this shit? You know those peoples right there? You know those mother fuckers right there?
Girl: No, you know I don't know those niggas right there. You're paranoid.
Guy: What the fuck are they looking at? I'm saying you ain't seeing those mother fuckers ride past me and shit?
Girl: Oh nigga, you're tripping, yeah, you're tripping. Oh, nigga, you're tripping, let's go. Scary ass nigga, you're high or something. Let's keep it moving.
Guy: Fuck that man, get in the car man.
Girl: Oh God damn.
Guy: I told you I don't fuck around with this shit.
Girl: Whatever.
Guy: *Turns on car*
Girl: Uh uh...
Guy: Damn, what the fuck's up with my shit?
Girl: God, you didn't no gas in this raggedy mother fucker? God damn.
Guy: I just got a tune-up the other day, my shit all that.
Girl: Oh, ha, ha, ha. It's just a bitch of ? out ?. Let's keep, oh my goodness.
Guy: Man, shut the fuck up.
Girl: Fuck you nigga, take me-