Clann Zú:Absence Makes The Heart Die

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“Absence Makes the Heart Die”
Artist: Clann Zú
Albums: Clann Zú EP (2000)
Lyricists: Declan de Barra

One more day becomes a minute,
it's gone forever just admit it. A
nd you're greased to make a cog work,
when you're broken you're disposed of.
Sucking long and hard on nothing,
tell expiring flesh you love it.
One more day and you'll start over,
piss on calendars take another.
And you crawl away to fade another day.
And absence makes the heart die.
Jesus wept but you've cried blood
in corners that reek of being alone.
Self flagellation spells your name
and no two skin marks are the same.
Different tracks mark different days,
hide the scars from here to there.
Book of sorrows dictates your fears
that there is no leaving here.

Tá an ceart agat, b'fhearr duit fanacht uaimse.
(You are right, your better off staying away from me)
Tá me i mo shuí ar an talamh agus tá mo guth ag dul i léig.
(I'm sitting on the ground and my voice is weakening)
Tá mé ag dul as ó dubh go dubh mar níl
me abablta áthas a chuir ar aon duine.
(I'm fading from dusk till dusk
because I can't make anyone happy)

Tá an poll seo i mo bhrollach ag dul i ndonas.
(This hole in my chest is getting worse)