Ciccone Youth:G-Force

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Artist: Ciccone Youth
Albums: The Whitey Album (1988)
Screaming Fields of Sonic Love (1995)


Don't be a fool girl
He's takin' me all the way
We're going to burn you up
You're all going to burn me up
Got to
Real life
You make me feel stupid
Yeah huh
Wish it was five minutes before yesterday
Do you remember the time we were gonna do that
Bring me all your food honey
Can't eat
Dying dying
Do you wanna fuck me
No, bring me all your food
Don't be a fool girl
All-a made all american dream come true
Don't go in the water
Dying dying
Got to
It's real life
C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon
I don't remember what it was like yesterday
Was there a yesterday
G force eight ninety-nine
Seventy-nine ninety-five
The ice ballet
Sleeping beauty
She's a real jogger
What becomes a mirrorshade most?
C'mon girl
We're gonna burn you
You're contaminated
Something's out there, look
Don't you see
Something used to be out there
I have it all in this book
Do you wanna fuck me
Sh oh sh
We used to go to the place
Tell you what I'm gonna do
I'll make you an offer
Don't do that
What's it gonna be pal

Don't be a bully
Just 'cos I'm a girl
Do I make you feel silly
Do you see the tall one
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to just sound like that
Honey you can pick up that phone
Call packer and all your troubles will be over
I just hope it was worth it
As soon as the sun goes down
He's going into town
And he's gonna play pool
Got to
It's real life
She always told me he would
Somehow I didn't believe her
I'll tell you one thing though
I think it's gonna rain tomorrow