Capone-N-Noreaga:Capone Phone Home (Interlude)

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Capone Phone Home (Interlude)
Artist: Capone-N-Noreaga
Album: The War Report

[2]Now dun, hell yeah
[1]Word, that's ...
[2]You know what I'm saying? I'm caught up in a ? man
[2]Yeah, it's hectic right now son
[2]You know what I'm saying?
[1]Shit, you going to be home in a minute though dun, that shit ain't ?
[2]I know that man, I ain't going to back up, they can't hold me down for long though
[1]I'll remember that, remember that
[1]You know niggas know how to paperweight and kill
[2]You know what I'm saying?
[1]You know that dog
[2]Well, ? that's all
[1]Hell yeah
[2]And we going to ?
[1]Hell yeah
[2]Like Smooth Operator baby! Ah ha ha ha
[1]No doubt, ha, ha, ha, hell yeah
[2]Smooth Operator ?
[1]Hell yeah.
[2]Word though man.
[1]Yo, you seen niggas in the hood from niggas in the hood dun?
[2]Yeah, homie, homie, hoe, George Brother
[1]Oh, Word
[2]Yeah George Brother and ...
[2]Yes, um ... I think Little Hady is in here too
[1]Oh word?
[1]Word, that nigga in jail? I didn't even know that nigga was in there again
[2]Well, Little Hady and, who else? Who else? Oh, you know Mike Brady from Matlock?
[2]Well, his little cousin
[2]Oh yeah
[2]Yeah man, it's true
[1]I didn't even know who those niggas are, what the fuck are those niggas be doing?
[2]Ha, ha, nigga. Tyrone is ? You know you got that!
[2]I don't even know why Hady is in up here for, ?
[2]Word man, hectic right now, I'm bleeding son
[1]Word, in there?
[2]Yeah, bleeding man. I'm going to State Canada son
[2]Yeah, it's like eleven hours right now.
[1]True. Niggas going to come and see you man, bring some bitches up there or some shit man
[2]You know what I'm saying?
[1]Word is born man
[2] ?