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Artist: Boole
Albums: The Vital Few (2008)

When I first saw you, you were so fresh.
Barely molested, tender and tart.
Innocence lost inside my head.
On this table and in your bed.

I'll never forget how you enticed. I'd
Savor for hours in delight.
Tantalize me with all your spice.
Touched my lips, and it was right.

There's enough of you to go around.
But I want you all to myself.
Green with envy, pale, white, and red.
Before you go, hear what I said:

Tabby, my love.
Tabby, your love.

Tabby, our love rules my mind.
I want you now, all the time.
Sweet and salty, it's a crime.
That I must share you,
And leave you behind.

At the first warning that you would leave,
I realized just what I'd need.
Sometimes you go away,
Before I'm ready, babe.

You want to exit now,
Even though I will fight you back.
I can't control if you want out.
Get out! Oh, please come back!
Thank You.

Breaking apart, we're failing to pieces,
A cloud surrounds you, there are so many raisons.
Breaking apart we're falling to pieces.
A cloud surround my tabby!

Tabby. My sweet salty love.
I must share you.
You are the wind beneath my wings.
I want to share you til you fucking die.