Beatallica:A Garage Dayz Nite

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“A Garage Dayz Nite”
Artist: Beatallica
Albums: A Garage Dayz Nite ()

It?s a garage dayz nite
And I?ve been working like a dog
It?s a garage dayz nite
Don?t you be sleeping like a log

Cuz when I?m playing for you
You?ll find the things that I do
Will make you feel alright

You know I play all day
I play the metal that makes your ears ring
And it kicks ass just to hear you say
You don?t want ?Love at First Sting?

Cuz when I see you it?s nice
To play you ?Trapped Under Ice?
You know I feel OK

On the road everything seems to be right
Wherever I may roam the road becomes my bride