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“If You See The Man”
Artist: Astrid Williamson
Albums: Boy For You (1998)

If you see the man
If you see the man
Tell him I heard all the things he had to say
I know all those regrets must be hard to bear
When kindness pours its ache out on the garland sand
Love just drags your insides out across a grand canyon you're inside out
If you see the man give him back
All the things he laid down at my feet
Tell him it was only his heart I wanted to keep
But how can you be eloquent and wise and good
When love just leaves my shell a mute an echo that I loved once I loved this one
And kindness led you by the hand around your room
Where love just drags your insides out you're inside out
You're inside out
And there are no words to comfort you
No words that you can use
No words to make it easier to bear