A F Harrold:Outroduction (An Englishman's Home Is His (Modestly Priced) Third Album)

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Artist: A F Harrold
Albums: An Englishman's Home Is His (Modestly Priced) Third Album (2006)

Er well, ladies and gentlemen, this is the, the end of the compact disc
I hope you've enjoyed something along the way
I mean it probably wasn't all your cup of tea
Er but the beau- of, the b, the beauty of a compact disc is that you can always stip skip skip forward
Um and er just get to the beginning of something rather than like a tape where you have the fast forward and oh
Was it the beginning, was it the middle, who knows
Er, so hopefully you only listened to the bits you, you enjoyed
Or at least you can do that the second time
Obviously the first time you don't know if you're going to enjoy it or not
Um, this has come to you er, through the courtesy of me, A F Harrold
I wrote and read and performed all this nonsense
Er, it's been ably produced by Mister Ben Humphries here at er, Outhouse Studios in Reading
It's about half past three on the afternoon of Tuesday the second of May two thousand and six just so you can picture it
And the tea was provided by Mister John Mitchell
We've all had a lovely time, I hope you've enjoyed it
And we'll see you for Number Four at some point in the future

Oh, and go to double you double you double you dot A F Harrold dot co dot UK and join stuff
Buy stuff, buy more copies, it's almost Christmas
Okay goodbye cheerio bye bye

Stop listening, go
Leave me, bye

Bye bye

Are you still there?


What, are you waiting for a secret track?
You you crazy people you
I'll, I'll go, you stay there
You'll be fine