A F Harrold:Introduction (An Englishman's Home Is His (Modestly Priced) Third Album)

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Artist: A F Harrold
Albums: An Englishman's Home Is His (Modestly Priced) Third Album (2006)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the er third ever A F Harrold's Half Hour compact disc experience er which is I, I'm delighted
That either you've come back for more
Or that you've decided to jump in at number three
For, for, for the first time.
Um, they're not sequential so it does, really doesn't matter
The first one had all the good poems from, from years ago
And y'know this one's filled up with all, all that's left
Er so, you know, that's, that's the shape of it
Er, this one is called "An Englishman's Home Is His (Modestly Priced) Third Album"
Er just so you, so you are aware, so the CD matches with the case on the front
Or the, or the, the picture on the front of the case.
Um, the way it works is: I'm going to read some poems and sing some songs and then we, er, all go home.
So, er thank you very much for, for being here
Sit back, relax, and er just enjoy it
Or go and make a cup of tea while this plays in another room
Which is an equally valid experience.
Er, that's probably enough introduction, ladies and gentlemen
Listen on.