A F Harrold:A Poem Containing An Example Of Evolution

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“A Poem Containing An Example Of Evolution”
Artist: A F Harrold
Albums: Between a Yak and a Hard Plaice (2005)
Composers: A.F. Harrold
Lyricists: A.F. Harrold

This called A Poem Containing An Example Of Evolution.

On an island where nut-bearing bushes prevail
And a variety of birds may repose
The ones that do best at eating the things
Are the ones with the nut-cracking nose
Or beak

Over time it is said that their numbers increase
Whilst the birds with no nuts don't survive
For if your beak won't allow you to get the flesh
Of the nut it's much harder to thrive

And so on the island just over the way
Where the hedges are covered with fruits
A different beak does the job just superb
But is rubbish at digging up roots

Which is how, on the third archipelagoed rock
We examine, the birds must eat dinner
For the bushes round there are low squat and bare
And the birds, though alive, are much thinner

Than the birds who inhabit the fourth island here
Which it shares with cocoa and bees
And a small tribe of folk who through my needing to rhyme
Have slightly deformed caps to their knees

Now these folk take the honeycomb made by the bees
Then the cocoa beans made by the shrubs
And by wrapping the former inside of the latter
Make ball-shaped provisions or grub

And the bird of the island (you remember the bird
We mentioned it earlier on)
It is a nuisance or pest, vermin to the rest
Of the folks there who wish it were gone

For that bird survives by violent dives
At the villagers as they're out walking
For those balls in a basket on top of their head
Which is raped by the Malteser falcon

Now evolution suggests that the ones who do best
Are simply the ones who're best suited
To the place where they're living, that fact is a given
Unless fitting forms simply find themselves unable to compete for resources at last in time, unless chance mutation somehow assist, tend to die out