7 Seconds:These Boots Are Make For Walking

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“These Boots Are Make For Walking”
Artist: 7 Seconds
Albums: Old School (1983)

I always think about you, alone or with the band
Just having something very special now, can it last very long?
Do you doubt just how I feel, can you tell that it's for real?
Just sharing certain feelings we all know
The truth down from within

Listen, but I can only show you, at times it's so hard with words
We've gone this far and made it work
You've got to know, that part is true
Can you tell, that what I say, comes from my heart, it's taken time
To put these words to music, I don't mind

You seem to doubt my sincerity, I'm hoping that you see
Just try to look much deeper, then you'll know just how I feel
Will you try to understand, sometimes I may get out of hand
But knowing that you're by my side