7 Seconds:Here's Your Warning

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“Here's Your Warning”
Artist: 7 Seconds
Albums: Old School (1983)

Hey it's 1984
With a glimpse of what's in store
It looks like things are up to us
No talk, just action in the streets
That's what it's gonna take
No calm youth in the U. S. A
It's summertime, American riot!
I can't complain, unless I try it!
The heat is here, a teenage warning!
To those who fear, here's your warning!
This could be the year
That we could make some people think
With smarter minds we'll hit the streets
United we must make our stand
Divided we will fall
But it's up to us to take that step
(Repeat Chorus)
Complacent kids, that's all they want
But if they want trouble they'll get it!
Amidst years of youth unrest
And now someone is pissed, right!
(Repeat Chorus)