2pac:Fake Ass Bitches

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“Fake Ass Bitches”
Artist: 2pac
Albums: R U Still Down? Remember Me (1997)
  • little kid* Tell me about these fake ass bitches

    Look here little nigga
    Most of these niggaz be bitches too
    but you'll never hear that side of the story
    So uhh, we finna do this shit like this

    It's like I tell my niggaz, keep your eyes on these bitches
    They love to G a nigga young dumb and gettin riches
    What the fuck you think a trick is nigga
    Nigga done stick and wet his dick
    and then get tricked out all his riches by a -- BITCH!
    I'm here to school you to the rules of the game, it'll cost ya
    Think you alla that just cause she let a nigga toss her
    It's like a motherfuckin priveledge
    So don't give up your conversation, give that bitch your 7 digits
    When she call ya, ask that tramp whassup
    And if she is the type of nigga hang up, worrrd up
    And let that bitch meditate to the dial tone
    And call me when you're ready to bone, and it's on
    A motherfucking mack tonight
    Stay that stay strapped cause my raps is tight
    You fuckin punks, I hate you snitches
    Went against the grain and the game to be fake ass bitches

    (God, damn! You can't just hit them niggaz with that game
    and expect them to accept it; girl your heard me it gets skanless.
    But we gonna kick this shit like this here)

    Chorus: 2Pac

    I can't stand fake ass bitches
    Lyin ass niggaz and you punk ass snitches
    (repeat 2X)

    Time to show these bustas who's boss
    Run up on a real motherfucker and get tossed
    The game is deep, and thicker than a motherfuckin jimmy
    Broke hoes runnin round yellin "Gimme!"
    I can't stand it, hoes talkin bout they got a man
    Shit all I wanted her to do is suck my DICK
    So how about hittin a motherfucker on my pager
    Busy now bitch but you can give me the pussy later
    Fly how I fade her, played her like a game of Sega
    Fuckin with the player that done made her, huh
    And I ain't sleepin caught you creepin for my money
    Got the dick and now you get the pistol honey (bitch)
    So get the bozack, knockin hoes back, keep my dough stacked
    So where the motherfuckin hoes at?
    Punk niggaz can't fade the mack, livin fat
    Gettin paid to rap, it's like that, you motherfuckin bitches

    Yeah, yeah that's my motto
    She educated a whole bunch of you old raggedy-ass niggaz
    So y'all take that shit back to y'all camp and uhh
    you sleep on that there, it's like

    Chorus 2X

    Oh you too nigga, don't think we ain't talkin bout your punk ass
    You old fake ass nigga
    Standin there wearin all them Pendletons and khakis and all that
    You soft as a motherfuckin grape
    Ain't this a motherfuckin bitch
    I can see right through your flower ass
    Some of these niggaz is bitches too, man I tell ya
    It's gonna be harder and harder to be a Thug in ninety-fo'
    but we gonna do this shit
    Y'all take this shit and you play this shit for every single
    fake ass bitch out there
    And there's plenty of em
    You probably got one sittin next to you right now
    Bobbin his fake ass head to this, dope ass shit that he listenin to
    Fake ass motherfuckin bitch, die in ninety-four